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I remembered that I created this separate thread for my travels, so as not to clutter the details from my random exploits in other threads.  I mentioned in the overall 2019 thread that I'm planning to go with my girlfriend on a trip to eastern Canada and Maine.  It's supposed to be a 15-day road trip through Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, NB, PEI, NS, and Acadia NP.
Day 1:  Drive to Toronto from Chicagoland, using I-94, 275, 696, more of 94, ON-402 and ON-401.
Day 2-3:  See Toronto
Day 4:  Drive from Toronto to Montreal.
Day 5:  Montreal.
Day 6:  Drive to Quebec City, ferry across to Levis to stay overnight.
Day 7:  Now that we're on the correct side of the St. Lawrence, drive to Moncton, NB, cutting through Fort Kent and Houlton, ME to see the northern ends of US1 and I-95.
Day 8:  See Hopewell Rocks and kayak around them, then make the short drive to New Glasgow, NS, staying 3 nights there and branching out to other places in Nova Scotia during the next 2 days.
Day 9:  Cabot Trail
Day 10:  Halifax
Day 11:  Ferry north to PEI, go southwest across the PEI bridge, across NB, and to Ellsworth, ME.
Day 12-13:  See Acadia NP.
Day 14:  Start driving home, clinching I-84 in the process, ending up in Bloomsburg, PA for the night.
Day 15:  Finish the drive back to Chicagoland.

Any good things to see in these locales?  Any "travel advisories" you would have for me along the way?

I liked Fundy NP, but I imagine you can get a similar experience with the huge tides if you go elsewhere on the Bay of Fundy.


--- Quote from: Jim on July 22, 2019, 09:56:17 PM ---I liked Fundy NP, but I imagine you can get a similar experience with the huge tides if you go elsewhere on the Bay of Fundy.

--- End quote ---

We'll go kayaking at Hopewell Rocks near Moncton, so hopefully we'll experience them there.

Kind of hard to kayak around the Hopewell Rocks at low tide. :D

I'll be there in a couple of days.

I haven't touched this thread in two years, but I thought I'd catch up on here, reporting about my travels.  I did want to report, first of all, that I'll be taking a trip around southern and western Iowa this upcoming weekend.  This three-day trip, and another two-day trip I'll take in the future, will complete both my route collection and county collection for the state of Iowa.  Photos will be posted on Flickr after the trip, as always.

I have taken four other noteworthy trips in the last two years:

1. August 2020 circle tour around Lake Michigan, including the Porcupine Mountains, kayaking at Pictured Rocks, Mackinac Island, and Traverse City.
2. March 2021 trip around southeastern Ohio, bringing me much closer to finishing Ohio's counties and route shields.
3. Early April trip to Detroit and Michigan's thumb, leaving only one three-day trip remaining before I conquer Michigan's route shields and clinch its counties.
4. April 2021 trip to Virginia, where I clinched I-68 on the way home.

Stay tuned for more content next week about Iowa!


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