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El Paso: bids opened for IH-10 widening

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This section is 11 miles from North Mesa Street in north El Paso to the New Mexico state line. It will be mostly 3x3 with some short 4x4 sections. This is long overdue since the section in New Mexico from the state line to Las Cruces has been 3x3 for many years.

The winning bid of $246.7 million is a budget buster, $54 million (28%) above the estimate. I hope this was due to a low estimate instead of construction cost inflation. Webber is usually a very competitive bidder and they were 37% above the estimate at $264 million.

The contract time of 1832 working days seems excessively long. That's 7 years!

County:   EL PASO   Let Date:   10/08/21
Type:   CONSTRUCT NEW ROAD   Seq No:   3201
Time:   1832 WORKING DAYS   Project ID:   F 2022(053)
Highway:   IH 10   Contract #:   10213201
Length:   33.459   CCSJ:   2121-01-094
From:   0.22 MI W OF FM 1905 (ANTONIO ST)   Check:   $100,000
To:   SH 20 (MESA ST)   Misc Cost:   
Estimate   $192,755,433.56   % Over/Under   Company
Bidder 1   $246,687,523.27   +27.98%   JORDAN FOSTER CONSTRUCTION, LLC
Bidder 2   $253,947,505.77   +31.75%   SUNDT CONSTRUCTION, INC.
Bidder 3   $264,214,918.56   +37.07%   WEBBER, LLC

   Long overdue.  Am guessing the cost involves conversion to all concrete pavement.   
   There has been "piecemeal" work done on 10 in El Paso county, since the mid 90's perhaps earlier.   
   A lot of projects - have been done in last twenty years on W side, that don't fit together.  Frontage road curbing, reconstruction.   Pulling Anthony TX NB off ramp way back south, like a mile and a half south of Exit 0.  Mistakes with Exit 0, itself.  Not rebuilding Exit 2 with 10 going over a flattened Vinton Road.  Mistakes at Transmountain, Exit 6.  Mistakes at Artcraft, Exit 8.  Not lowering mainlines between Artcraft and Thorn.   Exit 9, Redd Road, also a mistake.  Should have been depression under Redd, with an eight lane 10 going under.   
A whole host of planning and execution blunders.   Could have been a lot better.   

Plutonic Panda:
7 years to widen 11 miles of 4 lane rural interstate to 6? That seems extremely excessive especially for TxDOT. That has to a typo, no?

Should it have been 832 days? That's a little over two years.

Or do those 1832 days include drawing up a complete design for the project (as in a design-build contract?)


--- Quote from: Plutonic Panda on October 21, 2021, 12:40:54 PM ---7 years to widen 11 miles of 4 lane rural interstate to 6? That seems extremely excessive especially for TxDOT. That has to a typo, no?

--- End quote ---

It was "rural" in the mid nineties.  The original interchanges, truss gantries, and signage were still in use then.   Signage was more basic, and an argument can be made it was better than the cluttered mess of today.   The El Paso city limits are aprox MP 4, on the West side, they have annexed a good deal of the "empty" land that exists N of Transmountain Road.   A lot of construction, both retail and residential has taken place, on both side of the highway, N of Transmountain as well.   


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