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HOV Lanes, Are You For Them or Against?

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In Some areas they are efficient in others they are not...I find them useful in the Atlanta area, during peak traffic times, especially on the Connector and the NE expressway (I-85 North)...

What are everyone's HOV's experiences...?

The one's on 95 in S. Florida are useful as well

And I just found out they Allow single passenger cars in the HOV lanes in the Atlanta Area as long as they are AFV (Alt. Fuel Vehicles) Approved...This has probably started taking on elsewhere (Houston, Dallas, LA, Denver, etc)


It depends.  In Portland, there is an HOV lane that runs from north Portland to Vancouver, WA.  It's only seperated by double white lines, so it's not too effective in that numerous people "cheat".

Other cities, like LA our Houston, that have their HOVs blocked off, where you can only enter and exit and certain points, seem much more effective...and income generating as you have cops waiting at the end of an HOV getting those who are riding solo.  :-P

I think HOVs need to have full access into general purpose lanes even if that facilitates cheating- but overall I'm for them DURING PEAK TIMES

At 2 in the morning I get ticked off when I can't rally down the HOV lane

They tried doing the double lines in Atlanta, but people cheat all the time, especially during peak hours. The olny way to keep people from cheating is using the Jersey (concrete) barriers...

I adore the HOV lanes on I-64 in Norfolk...  :love: There are entrances/exits at I-564/Granby St., I-264, and some point south of that (they're extending them...). Whenever I need to go to Virginia Beach, I just exit into the HOV lanes at 564, and zip down to 264, which even has dedicated HOV exit ramps. The HOV lanes have a speed limit of 60 as opposed to the regular lanes' speed of 55, and there is almost always traffic in the regular lanes but not HOV lanes. Those have saved me so much time... On the contrary, however, the HOV lanes on I-64 here in Hampton and Newport News, which run from US-258 (Mercury Blvd.) to VA-143 (Jefferson Ave.), are completely and totally pointless. Only running for a few miles on the inside of an 8-lane freeway, by the time you cross all of those lanes to get to them, your exit's coming up, so you need to get back across them all. They're also only separated by a double dashed line, so only long-distance travelers who tend to stick to the left anyway use them...

And I believe in Virginia (at least according to my driver's ed teacher I had) you are allowed to drive in an HOV lane with only 1 passenger if you drive a Low Emissions Vehicle or Alternate Fuel Vehicle or hybrid.


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