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Oklahoma has some cutouts for Business US 60 at Seneca and Alternate US 69.

Wisconsin seems to go the other extreme.  They put Interstate shields on black boxes for multiplexes - and some singletons

WA usually does that too, master son, but some older shields (from the 70's) are cutouts.'

I don't see any cutout U.S. or state highway markers...they'd be either with a black or green background.

Washington never used cutouts for State always had ol' George looking off to the side from his black box...

Some states always used squares or rectangles for their markers (The New England States, Indiana, Illinois, Montana come to my mind immediately). 

7 states in the early days used state shapes inside squares or rectangles (Alabama, Idaho, Indiana, Illinois, Louisiana, Nevada, and South Carolina)

The only states that used State-shaped cutouts for route markers were Ohio, Missouri Georgia, Arizona, and Arkansas....other States used state shields or symbols   

I think I saw a pic of one Primary State Highway (Washington, 1937-1964) shield that was cutout. It looked very strange.. :eyebrow:


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