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Northeast / Re: Underappreciated Aspect of...
Last post by Alps - Today at 04:20:51 PM
Quote from: bzakharin on Today at 02:04:22 PMDidn't there used to be a speed limit drop to 55 approaching the Philadelphia area just as there is one now approaching the New York area? I think the fact that it's 65 now all the way to the southern terminus contributes to the "Philly obliviousness"
No, never a drop
Off-Topic / Re: Facebook Shenanigans
Last post by JayhawkCO - Today at 04:16:28 PM
Quote from: epzik8 on Today at 03:41:24 PMI've dealt with this for years on TWFKAT, and have more recently noticed an uptick of it on Instagram.

I get random followers on Twitter, but not messages.
Northeast / Re: Massachusetts
Last post by kramie13 - Today at 04:07:24 PM
Quote from: RyanB06 on June 21, 2023, 07:51:48 AMSomeone's got some 'splainin' to do back at the sign shop. (The correct number should be 45.)

Looking at Google Street View today, this sign has been corrected to read "exit 45" as of October 2023.
Traffic Control / Re: Erroneous road signs
Last post by chrisg69911 - Today at 04:06:46 PM
Quote from: roadman65 on June 19, 2024, 11:18:42 AM
I-76 ends here. Should be NJ 42 South Atlantic City on the pull through.

They did the same thing at the 3-46 interchange. They sign the APL as West NJ 3 TO West US 46, even though NJ 3 ends in less than a tenth of a mile. I think they should've signed it END NJ 3 JCT US 46. I would show it, but the GSV isn't updated yet.
Mountain West / Re: Phoenix Area Highways
Last post by blanketcomputer - Today at 04:01:30 PM
Quote from: Sonic99 on June 18, 2024, 02:35:19 AMIf I'm being honest, I think ADOT deserves a lot of credit for essentially rebuilding this entire section with basically zero long-term closures. Considering they're reconstructing the ENTIRE SR 143/I-10/Broadway Rd interchange, with literally not a single existing structure being reused, it's incredible to think that all access has remained open about 95% of the time. The typical Facebook commenters think they know how to engineer these projects better of course, but overall, it's been neat to see it develop.

Drivers on SB SR-143 will have to turn left at Broadway Road to access EB I-10 for a while until the flyover is completed, but I agree it's been a very impressive project.
Mid-Atlantic / Re: Northern Virginia HOT Lane...
Last post by Rothman - Today at 04:00:58 PM
Quote from: bluecountry on Today at 01:58:29 PMBTW why is it when I enter 95 SB at 123, the control city is Fredericksburg not Richmond?

Wrong thread.
Northeast / Re: Underappreciated Aspect of...
Last post by Bobby5280 - Today at 03:59:23 PM
Quote from: bluecountryThink about it, at some points you are within 10 miles of Center City, yet you would never it as it feels like you are in the country.  You do not get anywhere close to the congestion or chaos like you would get within 15 miles of DC or NY, and it truly is a tribute to the ingenuity of the NJTP.

The NJ Turnpike is pretty nice for the dual purposes it serves: as a bypass for the Philly-Trenton area as well as a regional relief route for the Philly-Trenton area. A motorist can drive from the Wilmington area to NYC a lot faster on the NJTP than taking any combination of "free" highway routes.

As others have stated there are many other American cities that are bypassed by major turnpikes or freeways. A turnpike or freeway functioning as a larger regional relief route is more rare. It's possible to argue Florida's turnpike functions as an express/relief route for cities in Southeast Florida.

It is a bit surprising more relief freeways/tollways haven't been built in other parts of the nation. All the population growth and migration that has taken place in the past 20 or so years certainly calls for it. For instance, I think the US-281 corridor in Texas from San Antonio to Wichita Falls could function as a relief valve for I-35. Lots of trucks already use US-69 in Oklahoma as a shortcut from the DFW area to I-44, bypassing OKC and Tulsa in the process.
Off-Topic / Re: Facebook Shenanigans
Last post by epzik8 - Today at 03:41:24 PM
I've dealt with this for years on TWFKAT, and have more recently noticed an uptick of it on Instagram.
And replaced by 30 trees in addition to an actual monument...
Road Trips / Re: What road did you leave on...
Last post by Menzador - Today at 03:39:55 PM
My fiancée had flown up from Texas to see me, and I decided to take her on a quick detour to PA.

NY/PA: Broome CR 249/PA SR 4037/SR 4043 (Hale Eddy, NY/near Sherman, PA)
PA/NY: I-81 (Great Bend, PA/Kirkwood, NY)

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