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I-15 in North Las Vegas will expand to 8 lanes

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The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports on a 5-mile project that was announced today:

--- Quote ---Two lanes will be added in each direction of Interstate 15 between Craig Road and Speedway Boulevard in North Las Vegas, aimed at alleviating massive traffic jams caused during NASCAR race days and the Electric Daisy Festival, the Nevada Department of Transportation announced Monday.

Construction is expected to start in October on the $33.8 million widening project, which also calls for brighter lights, new signs, landscaping improvements and seismic upgrades to four overpass bridges along the five-mile stretch of freeway.

... About 41,600 vehicles travel daily along I-15 between Craig and Speedway, a number expected to increase by roughly 71 percent by 2033, NDOT officials said.
--- End quote ---

Max Rockatansky:
That's a welcome addition, that stretch always gets back up during events and is a total pain in the ass if you are through traffic.

This stretch is Phase 2 of a much larger, long-term, overall I-15 North project, which encompasses I-15 between the US 95 (Spaghetti Bowl) interchange and Apex.
[*]Phase 1 was the "I-15 North Design-Build" project, which was completed several years ago. It widened I-15 from six to ten lanes (between US 95 and Lake Mead Blvd) and four to eight lanes (Lake Mead Blvd to Craig Road), rebuilt the Lake Mead Blvd interchange, and braided ramps between US 95 and D St/Washington Ave.
[*]CURRENT - Phase 2 is the widening of I-15 between Craig Road and Speedway Blvd. (Note: Original scope might have been widening from four to six lanes, instead of the current four to eight project.)
[*]Phase 3 will widen I-15 to six lanes between Speedway Blvd and the Apex interchange. (North Las Vegas is looking to add a large industrial complex out this direction, and there may or may not still be some plans in the works for a new master planned housing community out that way.)
[*]Phase 4 will modify the I-15/CC-215 interchange into a freeway-to-freeway interchange, and complete a service interchange with Range Road.

The Ghostbuster:
Are Toll Lanes of any kind part of the project? If not, should they be? Would it help any?


--- Quote from: The Ghostbuster on September 20, 2016, 06:29:30 PM ---Are Toll Lanes of any kind part of the project? If not, should they be? Would it help any?

--- End quote ---

I think that have certainly been mentioned in roadfro's post.

I don't see where toll lanes would have been of any use here.


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