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I-11/I-215/I-515/NV 564 Henderson Spaghetti Bowl Interchange

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NDOT will be embarking on a short-term improvement for the I-515 SB to I-215 WB movement at this interchange, to reduce delays and weaving movements.

This will involve reworking the westbound ramp to split from the SR 564 Lake Mead Pkwy east ramp. Downstream, striping changes on I-215 will reduce weaving be eliminating the exit only trap at the Gibson Road exit. Work will start September 2018.

More notably, some of the project materials indicate that NDOT is in the initial planning stages of addressing other issues at the Henderson Spaghetti Bowl.

So this restriping project was completed in December 2018, but there are still some lingering issues that NDOT will address. And more is teased about interchange upgrades.

Henderson freeway interchange to see short, long-term relief, Las Vegas Review-Journal Road Warrior column, 3/24/19

--- Quote ---...
The three-month-long restriping project headed by the Nevada Department of Transportation was aimed at improving safety and reducing traffic congestion at the I-515/215 Beltway interchange. But the new configuration caused headaches for the first few days, as confused motorists learned to navigate the new layout.
Several readers have reached out airing their displeasure with the Lake Mead Parkway on-ramp to the 215 Beltway westbound.

The new configuration abruptly goes from two lanes to one lane, causing dangerous conditions, according to readers like Henderson resident Suellen Pirages.

“During heavy traffic times, cars occupy the left and center lanes on Lake Mead Parkway, which leads to a race to access the one lane ramp,” Pirages wrote. “My husband has had two near accidents with fast moving vehicles pushing their way into the single lane.”

Before the change, the ramp was a two-lane approach with easy ability to change lanes, Pirages continued.

Well, for Pirages and the several others who have aired their concerns, help is on the way.

The restriping project is still open, and NDOT plans to change the Lake Mead Parkway on-ramp striping back to two lanes, according to Tony Illia, department spokesman.

“The two lanes will merge back into one lane after the Eastgate traffic signal,” Illia said. “This should ease the queuing and driver frustration by allowing more vehicles through the signal.”

The precise timing of the improvement was not available, but Illia said it should occur within the next two months.

Further improvements to the interchange, which is the gateway to the rest of the city for many residents in the ever-growing Henderson area, are also in the plans.

The “Henderson Spaghetti Bowl,” as it is unofficially known, is slated for upgrades, part of a multi-stage project to occur over the better part of a decade.

First constructed in the mid-1990s when Clark County had a population of 1 million, the interchange needs to be improved to handle the growing traffic needs of the area’s now 2.2 million people.

The first phase of construction is planned to occur between 2021 and 2025, with the second phase taking place between 2025 and 2030, plans show.

--- End quote ---

From the 3/27/19 public meeting press release on NDOT's website (which appears to have been written by the City of Henderson):

--- Quote ---PURPOSE OF MEETING: The City of Henderson, in cooperation with the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT), is hosting a public information meeting to solicit input for the I-11/I-515/I-215 Henderson Interchange (Henderson Interchange) Feasibility Study. The study is following a Planning and Environmental Linkages (PEL) approach, which is intended to shorten the time required to take projects from planning to implementation. Decisions made as part of this study could be carried forward into more detailed National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) studies. The necessary steps have been taken to accelerate planning efforts so that the interchange can begin the NEPA process in 2020.

--- End quote ---

NDOT doesn't currently have a project website up for the future improvements, and I didn't find anything on Henderson's website either. So it's not totally clear what's being proposed... Terming it as a "feasibility study" somewhat implies that there may not be any concrete plans at present.

Glad to see work being done on the ole' Henderbender.  It's not a bad little interchange, but there are some motions that just don't work right, and I think a lot of what is proposed will do a lot of good (at least short term).

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports on a 10-year-plan costing up to $300 million to rebuild the I-11/I-515/I-215/NV-564, aka the "Henderson Spaghetti Bowl," and the surrounding area:

--- Quote ---The project’s scope includes Lake Mead Parkway/215 Beltway from Van Wagenen Street to Valle Verde Drive and U.S. 95 between Galleria and Horizon drives.

... Option 1

The plan has a similar configuration to the one in place, but has updated connectivity and increased traffic flow aspects.

Option 1 includes three lanes on the flyover ramp from 215 eastbound to U.S. 95 northbound, up from the two today; connection is established with Gibson with a braided ramp concept, with a ramp leading to Gibson traveling over traffic from U.S. 95 and the road leading from Lake Mead having a direct access right turn lane to Gibson. The ramp from U.S. 95 would merge with the Lake Mead ramp traffic just before the traffic signal at Gibson.

Option 2

A crossover interchange is being considered for the area, which would be unique as there are only two other versions of the road project in the U.S. — one in the Baltimore area and one in Alabama.

To access some off-ramps, motorists would have to cross over traffic at various points.

Westbound traffic on Lake Mead Parkway would travel on an elevated roadway above eastbound traffic, where they travel on the opposite side of the street to the 215 westbound, where the road crosses back over eastbound traffic again where it continues on to the 215 and has a Gibson exit.

A dedicated two-lane off-ramp from U.S. 95 to the 215 westbound is featured in this option, with a separate Lake Mead Parkway exit located just ahead of the 215 off-ramp on the far left hand lane of U.S. 95.

Both options add an additional lane on U.S. 95 south of the interchange up until Horizon Drive.

The preferred option should be chosen by mid-2020.

--- End quote ---

Just read this article yesterday but didn't have time to link it here and post about it. Thanks for that.

Finally, a little more substance is provided regarding the "tease" I mentioned months ago. Unfortunately, I still haven't come across any project pages or documents with images or more detail.

The article's description of option 2 isn't quite making sense to me why a crossover is needed for WB Lake Mead Pkwy (SR 564) traffic. But it does seem like option 2 would reintroduce separate ramps to SR 564 EB & I-215 WB that were consolidated in the previous project—but would interestingly introduce a left-hand exit ramp! (For context, the only currently existing left side ramps in Nevada are HOV-only ramps. Prior to HOV lanes, the only left hand ramp was an on ramp from Lake Mead Blvd to I-15 SB in North Las Vegas, and that ramp was removed in the 2000s as part of an interchange redesign.)


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