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Sure, compared to how much it costs per mile to cross the George Washington Bridge vs. The cost per mile on the Penna Pike, the Pike will always be a waaaay better value.

And I-70 thru Breezewood has been a great idea for the past 50-some years as well!!

Is it PennDOT or PTC that can't decide on what trailblazer to place on signs, since I see both the black letters on white background version and the white letters on green background at various spots around the state?

Just wanted to mention that as a follower of the PA Turnpike website for improvements since 1996, I really dislike the recent format change.

The PA Turnpike exit for PIT Int'l (exit 10) forgot the -h on Pittsburgh  :-/

Looks like the total mainline construction from mp 12-14 and the Beaver River Bridge has a 10/5/22 bid opening.


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