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--- Quote from: Roadsguy on September 10, 2022, 05:52:41 PM ---
--- Quote from: roadman65 on September 10, 2022, 11:26:11 AM ---Is this going to be (or is it already) a common thing?
The Combination PA Turnpike and 276 shield that is.

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It is a common error that I've been noticing more and more in recent years. The same goes for 76 and 476 elsewhere; never seen any photos of a PA Turnpike 376 shield, so I'm not sure if that mistake has ever been made. It's definitely not a new standard practice by either the PTC or PennDOT; otherwise, it would be universal on new signs, which it definitely isn't.

In a similar vein of one-off mistakes, I noticed one sign put up a few years ago that uses the Turnpike shield alongside the Interstate shield on the mainline (and not just on intersecting roads). I was hoping this would become the PTC's new standard as the NJTA already does on the NJTP, but every new sign inside the (former) ticket system that I've seen still omits the Turnpike shield, so it was probably just a fluke.

The "PA Turnpike [route]" combo shield is standard on the non-mainline state route toll roads that the PTC operates: PA Turnpike 43, 66, and 576, all in the Pittsburgh area.

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Don't forget about the 'reverse' error of an Interstate shield with the word 'Turnpike' where the 'state name' is suppose to be. ;)

Do they mention that they were paying toll collectors $60 million a year.

PennDOT - District 6 News: PA Turnpike to Close Thomas Road for Construction in Tredyffrin Township

Pretty long detour this weekend on the NE Extension

Pennsylvania Turnpike Plans Weekend Closure between Lehigh Valley and Mahoning Valley Interchanges

Bids were received for the Beaver River Bridge reconstruction and widening this past Wednesday.


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