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... dream about roads? I do. :-D

I have this one dream where I drive up to Alpharetta, Georgia -- an alternate world one. I then turn down this two lane road that goes on for 100 miles or so. It's a super-2 for some of its length, and then it turns into a *rural four lane freeway with slip ramps* in a small town, its name I can't remember. Also, in Alpharetta, I turn onto a wide US 78 freeway (this route goes nowhere near the real Alpharetta).

So, uh, yeah, do you dream about roads?

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Be well,


(Note: I may be obsessed, but I can admit it. :D)

I had a dream where I was with others on US 253, but there is no US 253(even though the thought probably came from VA 253 :nod:)

I have had a VERY weird dream about roads.

I dreamt that I was in Shanghai and I was leaving the airport and for some reason the signs were all English and they were quite reminiscent of New York State signs.

I have no idea what that means!

Surprisingly, I never have!  :)

I do...about a freeway from Aberdeen, WA to NYC that goes through Everett and Seattle.


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