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Gas prices climb quickly, haven't peaked yet

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I don't often chime in on gas price threads, but I was surprised at the jump between last week's fill-up and this week's fill-up.  I remember grabbing $40 yesterday and telling my wife, oh, it won't cost more than forty to fill it up (it wasn't empty yet).  Nope, it took the full forty.

I got gas for 3.89 to 4.26 on my weekend trip.  saw as high as 4.87 in Cambria (always high), and an outlier of 5.18.  that one was at the Shell and the Chevron at I-5 and Stockdale Highway near Bakersfield.  how do they stay in business, when at the next exit, gas was 4.06?

Road Hog:
I remember filling up for $1.72 on March 17, 2005. By the end of the month gas had gone over $2 for the first time. Of course, it really spiked after Katrina.

Before Christmas time gas in Savannah, GA was only beginning to climb.

I am sure itís now one dollar more at this location.

Yet in 1997 the prices were around 80 cents a gallon in GA.

Well, I guess you can add this one to the ledger of truly mind-boggling thread bumps. Given the title, I actually thought it might be a new thread at first.

But 2013? What on earth!?  :-D


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