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Gas prices climb quickly, haven't peaked yet

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I filled up at $2.99 in Orangeburg, SC last summer, and I recall seeing a few stations down south at $2.89 at points when I was not looking for gas.

As for sub $3 a gallon in the northeast, it also existed for a couple years after the crash in '08. I remember seeing it go down to barely above $2 in the winter of '09. Nonetheless, the last time I filled up in this part of the country for under $3 was November of 2010.

I remember filling up for $1.29 in Wyoming when gas prices absolutely crashed in early 09.

Gas is $3.13 in Montana right now, which isn't so bad. It was $1.29/liter in British Columbia last week, but clear down at $1.09/liter in Alberta.

Colorado (Denver Metro) went from $4.20 a gallon at the 2008 peak to $1.30 in early 2009. Of course, that did not last long at all!

Desert Man:
Gas prices remain at $4 a gallon here in Southern California, I seen some stations saling it at $4.09, 19, 29 and 39. The obvious ridiculousness of the fluctation of gas prices has to do with "supply and demand", but look closely and you realize the speculative nature of gas pricing by petroleum companies in a belief their product is strained and highly demanded. The prices of gas might not peaked yet, hold your it slowly tinker upward to maybe $5 a gallon in some portions of the country by the beginning of summer.

What is unnerving about gas prices the last 2 years is the disconnect between crude prices and pump prices. The trend has been that the fluctuations do not coincide, and, as a rule, the prices stay high even when the crude oil prices drop. There is always some BS excuse...


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