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New York State Roads

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This month I updated the Hutchinson River Parkway exist list and split off the Eastern Route photos from the I-95/New Jersey Turnpike photos and merged in the Western Route photos (in preparation for the eventual designation of I-695).  I also added photos as follows: I-87/Northway, I-787/NY 787, NY 32, I-90 (Albany), NY 30, NY 5, I-590/NY 590, I-390, NY 31, Inner Loop, I-490, and the Lake Ontario State Parkway.

This month, I updated the I-88 and NY 17 exit lists, and added photos as follows: NY 390, I-88, NY 79, NY 12, I-81, and I-86/NY 17 (Quickway).

This month I adjusted the RI 138 photo coverage to reflect the freeway removal in Newport and added photos as follows:
-New York: I-90/Albany
-Massachusetts: I-95, I-195, MA 24, MA 146, and I-90
-Rhode Island: I-95, RI 24, RI 138, RI 138A, and RI 146


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