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Started by Brian556, January 13, 2024, 11:29:17 AM

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I simply titled this topic "Flagstaff" so it can be used to discuss various highway topics in and around the city.

Does anybody know if the City of Flagstaff maintains any sections of the highways in Flagstaff? The sections that I am asking about in particular are the Humphreys St section of US 180, as well as I-40 BUSINESS LOOP/ HISTORIC US 66 in downtown. The reason I feel the need to ask this is that some of the signage in this area is not up to ADOT SPEC. There are no US 180 reassurance signs on Humphreys St when you depart I-40 BUSINESS LOOP/ HISTORIC US 66, or after the 90 degree turn at Humphreys St/ Fort Valley Rd. Also the signage for where US 180 turns right off of I-40 BUSINESS LOOP/ HISTORIC US 66 is not up to standard.

US 89

I believe almost all of the numbered roads in Flagstaff, including most/all of BL-40 and even the southernmost couple miles of US 89, are locally maintained.

Max Rockatansky

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