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Author Topic: Small Syracuse NY Meet-up  (Read 3777 times)


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Small Syracuse NY Meet-up
« on: August 03, 2009, 10:45:02 PM »

On Sunday (Aug 2) myself, Dan Garnell, Doug Kerr, and Michael had a small meet-up in Syracuse.  I met Dan and Doug at the intersection between NY 414 and US 20/NY 5 between Seneca Falls and Waterloo (we met up with Michael at Tully's on 7th North Street) and headed towards Syracuse.  We stopped south of Aubrun to see NY 437 (New York's shortest touring route).  We then met up with Michael at Tully's and had lunch and then went on a tour of Syracuse (modeled on the 2005 Syracuse meet).  We visited military and carrier circles, the I-690 stub ramps, NY 370/the Onondaga Lake Parkway, and the upside down traffic light on Tipperary Hill (we said good-bye to Michael just before this because he had to go home).  Dan, Doug, and I continued on to downtown to get on I-690 and see it all the way to NY 690's end at NY 48 and went back to Seneca Falls via NY 31.  Dan, Doug, and I all took many pictures; you can see mine on my Picasa album starting with this picture and ending with this one.

EDIT: The link to the album they are in is here, since it looks like Picasa doesn't show the back/forward buttons when linking to a photo.  You'll have to scroll down quite a bit before getting to them (it's near the bottom of the page but I have a bunch more after them as well).
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