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Started by Plutonic Panda, April 30, 2017, 10:26:57 PM

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Quote from: Plutonic Panda on November 09, 2022, 06:44:08 AM
For awhile ODOT really seemed to be doing a great job of keeping their project pages updated. They'd post upcoming commission meetings on their press releases and post summaries after they concluded. They added new major project pages, Legislative work source page that they'd have monthly updates on each project. They also added a GIS map of nearly every active project going on. I was really impressed.

That lasted for about 4 years or so. Projects on the Legislative resource center page haven't been updated for years(again whereas before it was updated monthly). Major project pages haven't been updated in years. They stopped posting commission meeting summaries. They still list active construction sites that don't seem to have any activity though I could forgive one given there could be work going on where you can't see.

Still they've just completely neglected keeping the public informed on updates with current projects. They used to have a map showing all of the upcoming 8yr plan projects and they didn't make one this year just a list.

This almost seems to coincide with the de facto merger of the OTA into ODOT with Tim Gatz leading both. I don't know if that's why but it is a shame to see.

I believe the degradation began when OMES took over all IT functions.
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Quote from: rte66manI believe the degradation began when OMES took over all IT functions.

They're probably trying to do the same amount of work with fewer people. 'Cuz "efficiencies."


Stitt won reelection, so expect it to get even worse in the next 4 years.
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One bright side to Stitt being re-elected: the ACCESS Oklahoma plan will likely survive at least another 4 years. Joy Hofmeister was not in favor of the plan.

One bad thing about Stitt being re-elected, and Ryan Walters beating Jena Nelson for the State Superintendent of public schools job, Oklahoma will likely continue to lose public school teachers.

Plutonic Panda

Hopefully construction can get started on the south metro projects within 4 years.

Plutonic Panda

Has has interestingly added a roundabouts page on their major projects list which shows all the recently completed ones and future roundabouts as well as those under construction:

Plutonic Panda

It looks like ODOT did some remodeling on their website:

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