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Ah, so the guide signs were covered in "body bags".  Sounds like that the interchange will be opening soon.  Have they done anything with the Becker Road interchange further south?

I didn't see too much of the Becker construction. but, i do know that the Crosstown thing is gonna open very soon. because just before Turnpike's Bee Line Hwy exit opened like 2 years ago, a body bag covered the exit only sign.


--- Quote from: voyager on January 24, 2009, 11:48:06 PM ---Honestly I've never understood exit numbers. They always vary so much from state to state.

--- End quote ---

Well they are either mile-based or sequential-based, please elaborate on what you cannot understand.  :spin:

except for the Mass Pike which is kinda sequential for varying definitions of sequential

Well at least California decided that their second attempt at giving exit numbers will eventually include every stretch of freeway in the state, not just the Interstates.


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