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Future of I-72 in Missouri?

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--- Quote from: codyg1985 on January 02, 2015, 09:58:51 PM ---If I-70 is tolled, then I don't see any upgrades happening to US 36 in Missouri. In fact, it may be tolled too, to discourage diversion from I-70.

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Tolling 36 would be an enormously expensive undertaking.  I don't see that happening.

I would normally agree because the cost of the toll would never justify the upgrade to I-72 ...But even though this is now part of the IL 53 Tollway Lake County Illinois did think about building and arterial toll Road ,,,so tolls could show up on an expressway someday

If they ever upgrade U.S. 36 to I-72 in Missouri, then it needs to end at I-29, not I-35. That way, St. Joseph will be served by two Interstates.

One thing that needs to be done regardless is for the highway to be graded properly, especially in Linn County. Linn County widened U.S. 36 before anyplace else in northern Missouri, but all they did was build a new set of lanes alongside the original alignment, so they ended up with the new set of lanes being properly graded and relatively flat while the original alignment followed the lay of the land. The most glaring example of this is between Marceline and the Macon County line, where the westbound lanes are nice and flat, but the eastbound lanes are a roller coaster. There's a similar effect on U.S. 63 in Macon County between Macon and the Randolph County line, though the lay of the land there isn't quite as dissected as it is in eastern Linn County.

Basically, MoDOT needs to eliminate the roller coaster rides on some of their four-lane highways.

I like "roller coaster" dual highways, as long as they're not too extreme, and as long as the new roadway swaps sides at reasonable intervals. That's as a motorist and a taxpayer: IMO, Georgia has spent way too much money on flattening out highways that could've been left as it. Besides, this looks rather badass, IMO.

Virginia has been doing this practice for years.  You will find many places where one side is a roller coaster while the other is  a smooth flat ride.  Even where US 301 is frontage road to I-95 between Jarrat and Petersburg you will see its is ver wavy, but before I-95 when there was a NB carriageway where the I-95 southbound lanes are now, it was flat.

Also in Cullman, AL US 278 is also half and half with one side hilly and the other flat as a pancake.


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