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Pennsylvania Oil Country/French Creek Road Meet - June 15, 2024

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I'll keep this meet in mind.  I've never been to that part of Pennsylvania.


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--- Quote from: 74/171FAN on June 01, 2023, 08:17:56 PM ---I guess we all forgot about this planned meet.  (

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Relax. I never picked a date. I have a range of mid-April (which would eliminate April 8 anyway) to mid-June.

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It would be useful to listen to Aaron Rodgers in that regard more often.   :nod:

I just thought it was odd that we went in "eclipse meet" mode when that was already discussed elsewhere.  Honestly glad you already squashed that.

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Honestly, given that that meat was proposed last year and hasn't been discussed (here) since, I kinda did (and because every variation of my actual eclipse plans keep me in NY).  Is that still alive?  I'm not a member of St. Louis Roads.

I like meat.


I’m interested in this. I’m curious how many other people would be interested in this as an eclipse weekend meet, because I would definitely be down for that. Right now I have a hotel booked right outside totality in Youngstown, OH, with the intent of driving into totality that morning. Otherwise, my vote would be for late June to be as far as possible from the eclipse.


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