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Georgia Guardrail:
It seems pretty rare that a neighborhood would have bridges going over other neighborhood roads within the subdivision.  However, I found one such example in north Georgia near Lake Lanier.,-83.8881773,3a,75y,4.57h,88.14t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sgdXJ9VpYVq1beTqGlgMoGA!2e0!!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu

I'm not talking about neighborhood roads going over or under main roads/freeways but rather drivable neighborhood roads going over/under other neighborhood roads within the subdivision.  This is rare but super interesting to me!

You guys got any other good examples?

That street looks like it doesn’t connect to any of the streets in the subdivision on either side of it. It looks like that community has two entrances, one further down Browns Bridge Road and the other from Montgomery Drive, and it appears to be a gated community.

Here's one from my (long ago) college town of Gainesville FL, where NW 13th St crosses over NW 8th Ave.

Although you can't really tell from GSV, this is in the middle of a mostly residential area.  And while NW 13th St is a major N/S road, virtually every other crossing in the grid is at grade, controlled by traffic lights or stop signs.

It's also somewhat surprising considering how flat Florida is (even flatter than Illinois) that there would be enough of a difference to use a bridge here.

This is not in the US, but in Paris:

One city street with residences and businesses passing over another city street with residences and businesses. I have no idea why it is the way it is, but it dates to 1868. The bridge featured in the vampire scene of the movie Paris, je t'aime, which is how I know of it.

In Columbus, OH, near OSU, there's "Iuka Ravine", where said road snakes its way under not one, but two roads.  I think it was built that way due to a creek running through the neighborhood.  Granted, one of the roads it goes under, Summit St., is sort of a "main" road (it is the southbound routing of US-23 after all), but its character is really more residential.


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