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I see that because the railroad requires extra height than the roadway as the railroad grading is higher than the street, the pony plate design is used to support the above railroad over the below tracks while the standard girders are used for the over the road span.

I think I’ll create a thread to other bridges ( not just limited to rail lines) that are built strangely to conform to other situations it gets challenged with that all can share.

Max Rockatansky:
Kind of a subjective measure regarding what is an “interesting bridge design?”   For someone like me it’s hard to top things like the one lane/wooden Mosquito Bridge:

Dirt Roads:
The old Parkersburg Suspension Bridge between its namesake in West Virginia and Belpre, Ohio was interesting.  Constructed in 1916, the suspension bridge crossed the Ohio River but was connected with Pratt through truss spans on both sides.  To reduce the main cable forces on the transition pier (also in the Ohio River), diagonal bracing was installed beneath the Pratt truss on the Ohio side.  The lattice through truss for the main span under the cable was also interesting (and may have been unique).  The bridge carried US-50 from that roads inception until it was replaced in 1978.

There is a much newer photo on Pinterest:

Dirt Roads:
On a more recent note, the new WV-9 Shenandoah River Bridge near Millville, West Virginia transitions from a double Delta-pier main span to hammerhead piers on the westside of the river.

Sorry, all of the new imagery is focused on the double Delta-pier main span.  Here's a construction photo where you can see both of the hammerhead piers on the west side:

The ramp from NB Capitol St to WB I-385 is suspended from the I-695 bridge above it with cables, a very unusual design that I haven’t seen in any other vehicular bridges.


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