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I've seen many near-accidents on the beltway of my city because people brake like crazy once the light pops on orange, afraid of getting ticketed by the red light camera.

They can make intersections safer though, on places where many people are running a red light.


Historic byway gaining support
Route would traverse scenic Sussex County

April 6, 2009

A coalition of historic preservation advocates is gaining support for a proposed scenic and historic byway through western Sussex County -- basically a driving tour to attract people to the picturesque rural areas.

The 22-mile route would wind its way along country roads past an old Seaford mill, by farmhouses and mansions, crossing the Nanticoke River via the Woodland Ferry, and ending at the historic Old Christ Church outside of Laurel.

"What we'd eventually like to do is pull the corridors together and bring people from the East to the West, so they can enjoy the heritage of the western side of the county," said Dan Parsons, Sussex County's historic preservation planner.

The proposal, which has been the subject of discussions for several years, picked up some backing last week from Sussex County, which signed on as a sponsor and lent its weight to the coalition.

Officials eventually hope to gain federal funding, channeled through the Delaware Department of Transportation, for signs and information at interpretive sites, such as the Cannon-Maston House outside Seaford.

"We hope that this will bring people to the area and educate them on how the agrarian towns and sprawling farms across the route came to be, and how the passage of time has shaped and changed it," Parsons said.

The effort so far has involved historical societies and municipal officials from towns in the area, said David Ames of the University of Delaware, who has been working on the project.

"Now we need to pull it all together," Ames said.

With the county's backing, the byway application can now be sent to DelDOT for approval. Federal funding would initially go toward a corridor management plan, helping make note of and connect some of the landmarks and sites. The application is aimed for approval by next March.

"I think it's a great project," said County Councilman Mike Vincent, R-Seaford, who represents much of the area. "It's a good thing for the western part of the county."

Anyone seen what is posted on these sign bridges installed last year? I asked PennDotFan to photograph them, but I welcome anyone's.

Something about use I-495 if over 14'6", I think.


--- Quote from: elsmere241 on July 22, 2009, 01:44:01 PM ---Something about use I-495 if over 14'6", I think.

--- End quote ---

But they already plaster that on the bottom of every Interstate 95/U.S. 202 north sign beyond the I-295 split, so why have even more signage?  :crazy:


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