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--- Quote from: froggie on November 10, 2011, 07:57:54 AM ---I recall seeing documentation somewhere within ALDOT about posting either the loop or the old route through town as I-685.  Wish I could remember where I found it.

--- End quote ---
Here's a link to a February 22, 2011 ALDOT release concerning the Montgomery Outer Loop as the first phase of the I-85 Extension:

" ... When completed to I-65, the Outer Loop will be designated as I-85. The portion of I-85 into downtown Montgomery will be re-designated as I-685. The Outer Loop from I-85 to I-65 covers 24 miles ..."

Alabama Barricade, a common signage and traffic control subcontractor that is used by ALDOT, has an interesting picture on their website:

If you notice the right-hand sign assembly, then you notice that this sign could almost fit in Dothan, AL (if you replaced US 210 with Alabama 210). US 431 used to be US 241. Just thought this was interesting.

Drove up to Montgomery today to complete some Christmas shopping and while there decided to check out the new multiplex of Interstate 85 and U.S. 80 (as originally and briefly discussed here) out to Exit 16, as well as the initial progress of the Montgomery bypass:

Interstate 85 north and U.S. 80 east after the busy interchange of Alabama 271 (Exit 9).

Alabama 126 now uses the south frontage road (former U.S. 80) as well as the north frontage road along Interstate 85. Instead of replacing the signage at the interchange, AL 126 shields were slapped on, covering the existing U.S. 80 shield.

Trailblazers have been erected to direct eastbound U.S. 80 traffic off of Interstate 85 at Exit 16. I would assume that a future sign replacement project would entail the addition of U.S. 80 onto the sign board.

U.S. 80 east immediately departs south of Exit 16 onto its current alignment. Alabama 126 is now signed along the former stretch of U.S. 80 between Exit 11 and Exit 16.

For some reason Alabama 126 is signed as east (as also seen in the previous photo) when one is clearly traveling west...I could not figure out the reasoning for this while there, other than the maintenance crew erected the wrong directional banner. I might have to send an inquiry to ALDOT to see if this is erroneous.

Traveling south along the short Alabama 293, some initial progress is being done along the future Montgomery bypass (future AL 108/future I-85 extension). Some initial realignment of the north frontage road of Interstate 85 is also taking shape in the immediate vicinity of the proposed interchange with the bypass. I would assume once the first phase of the project is open that Alabama 293 mileage (not the number) will transfer to the new bypass and that AL 293 itself will be decommissioned.

Any update on the I-10 widening west to Mile 14?  How far along is it?  Have they poured any concrete, including for the median barriers?

Governor Robert Bentley is proposing toll roads and a $2 billion road and bridge repair program. A bond issue would fund the $2 billion road and bridge repair program, but state officials have not figured out how to repay the debt. Tolls are proposed for the Birmingham Northern Beltline and new toll roads in south Alabama that are being planned for construction by ALDOT.

Does anyone know what toll roads are being planned by ALDOT for south Alabama?


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