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The Atchafalaya Basin Bridge is 50 years old.


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This article states that the overpasses at exits 84 & 85 (2 at exit 85 carry US 167/LA 146 as one way couplets) are the oldest on all of I-20. They all have 1959 engraved on the bridge ends. So now I guess we can say that I-20 may have started in Ruston? I have looked at culverts under I-20 in Ruston, and they have 1958 etched above them. Was I-20 started earlier somewhere else?

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I'm not old enough to remember where I-20 construction started first, but I'm sure the stretch from Ruston east to Monroe was first to open. That was due to the high number of serious accidents on US 80 before I-20 existed.

The section from west of Ruston to a surface intersection with US 79-80 west of Dixie Inn was open by the mid '60s. The last Louisiana I-20 gap to be completed in mid-1975 when I-20 was opened from there to Industrial Drive in Bossier City.

I know most of I-20 east of Monroe toward Vicksburg was not opened until the late '60s or early '70s with the Vicksburg bridge opening February 14, 1973.


--- Quote ---Work on Key Louisiana Bridge Connector to Houma-Thibodaux Could Finish 3 Years Late

The Advocate

Jan. 18—The contractor taking over a delayed bridge replacement on a key connector between the Houma - Thibodaux area and the Mississippi River expects work to last another year or so, almost three years later than expected, state officials said Thursday. The new contractor, JB James Construction , is expected to be fully mobilized and resume work on the La. 20 bridge over Bayou Chevreuil the week of Jan. 29 , state highway officials said.

Cutting through isolated wooded swamps and ending in St. James Parish, La. 20 is one of the few direct links for Lafourche Parish with the west bank of the Mississippi and the industrial and marine jobs along the river. The Bayou Chevreuil bridge south of Vacherie sits on the parish line dividing St. James and Lafourche .

JB James Construction is replacing TL Hawk on the $11.6 million bridge replacement after TL Hawk defaulted and state highway officials had to suspend work and pull the company's construction bond.

State Department of Transportation and Development officials said Thursday the bonding company has recently finalized an agreement with JB James Construction. JB James will finish building a new, wider and longer bridge over Bayou Chevreuil. The old bridge had raised safety concerns for some residents.

The new contractor has projected work will take another 255 working days, or 15 months, excluding weather delays, DOTD officials said. The bridge originally had been projected to be finished in spring 2022. The new bridge was supposed to be completed before a separate $19.8 million state project to widen and add shoulders to three miles of two-lane La. 20 in the same area, between Vacherie and Chackbay .

DOTD officials said Barber Bros . Contracting Co., the contractor of the highway widening, will coordinate with the bridge contractor.

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