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Greetings from Indiana

Started by railfan727, July 13, 2024, 05:02:40 PM

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Hello everyone!

I'm Bruce. A lifelong road and sign enthusiast and Indiana resident. Not a professional transportation employee but I'm well familiar with the MUTCD and I have used it to aid in lifelike recreations of roads and signs. I've done several projects for my soon to be 6 year old son, including a full set of 1/3 scale signs and posts that he can change and even form realistic sign assemblies with.

My latest project is a Road Sign Bingo game for car trips. I've done an edition with only federal signs that can be used anywhere, along with editions specific to states that we frequently travel in that include signs unique to those states (including federal signs that are locally common). I'll be asking you guys for input on this, as well as for photos of state specific signs in states that don't publish drawings (Indiana is an example of that but I have already made the ones I needed/wanted for my bingo cards).

If there's enough interest, I'm considering setting up an Etsy shop to sell the card sets as printable pdf files.


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I also collect traffic lights, road signs, fans, and railroad crossing equipment.



Welcome from Massachusetts!

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Welcome from the far NW corner of the state.

This is short notice, but we are having a road meet in Michigan City Saturday. If you're interested, check out the road meet section of the board for info.
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Life in Paradise

Greetings from the SW Corner of the state!


Quote from: Life in Paradise on July 15, 2024, 01:38:48 PMGreetings from the SW Corner of the state!

I visit Evansville and Mt. Vernon a few times a year for work!

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