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MI: Old U.S. route shields

Started by Tom, June 21, 2009, 10:59:51 AM

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Sorry 2 change the subject, but if somebody can post a nice old photo of a 1950's-1961 US-112 sign here, I will be thankful, and it will certainly add something really cool 2 this topic. :coffee:



live from sunny San Diego.


Yes, those go back 2 the '20's + '30's respectively, I believe.  Say, this would make a neat project if anyone can come up with pics of every US-112 sign as they progressed over the decades.  I might mention, also, that US-112 originally turned south and went 2 Elkhart, Indiana.  If someone has a photo of an Indiana US-112 sign, wouldn't THAT be a rarity? :coffee:

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