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Where Have We Not Held a Roadmeet?

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It appears that roadmeets have been taking place for a long time, since a point in history long before I got involved in the community.  Those interested in organizing roadmeets may like to know which locations have already been the site of a previous roadmeet, as interest in roadmeets may be greater if they are held on ground that hasn't already been covered. Is there a list or database showing all the locations where roadmeets have previously been held?  If I were to host a roadmeet, I'd like to know if a roadmeet already took place at that same location, especially if there was already a roadmeet there recently.

Max Rockatansky:
A lot of places out west.  I’ve never heard of one for Bakersfield hence why it is on my list for next April.  Fresno never had one until this year. 

I'm currently working on a map myself that keeps a record of where road meets have been held; so far I've collected data as far back as 2010.

To my knowledge, these are the largest metropolitan areas in the U.S. and Canada that haven't had a road meet:

* Houston
* Miami
* San Francisco
* Phoenix
* Inland Empire
* San Diego
* Tampa Bay
* Vancouver
* Sacramento
* Las Vegas(edit: removed Dallas/Fort Worth)

Among smaller cities, Max has the right idea. Not just in the far west, but the majority of places in the whole western half of the continent have never had a meet.

Of course, there are plenty of other cities around the world that have also likely never had one.

Should I ask Alex if I can claim the drive we went on around Tampa Bay back in March as a Tampa Bay Road Meet?   :D

(I do not think there has ever been a formal road meet there, but I am sure Alex, Brent, and others go on drives in the area all the time.)

Max Rockatansky:

--- Quote from: 74/171FAN on November 08, 2023, 12:23:00 PM ---Should I ask Alex if I can claim the drive we went on around Tampa Bay back in March as a Tampa Bay Road Meet?   :D

--- End quote ---

Or when a bunch of us got together in Brooksville this summer at Florida Cracker Kitchen?


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