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🛣 Headlines About California Highways – November 2023


As I'm busy getting ready for the Annual Computer Security Applications Conference next week, I'll keep this short and sweet

Here are your headlines for November:

Ready, set, discuss.

Max Rockatansky:
The whole I-15 debacle seemed to be taking traffic down Kingston Road past where the pavement ends to Excelsior Mine Road.  Excelsior is paved (albeit badly) and loops back down to I-15 and Cima Road.  I don't recall the dirt portion of Kingston Road being too difficult but that was also over a decade ago.

Fair chance I'll be checking out Veterans Boulevard this weekend in Fresno.  The project is a rare diagonal corridor that part of the city really needed.


Funny that neither the article nor the linked-to web page says anything about when the new Weldon Canyon Rd bridge will be constructed. Nobody lives on the other side of that bridge, but there are several business properties there, with no other access.

Occidental Tourist:
Isn't the new bridge already constructed?  GSV from four months ago shows it right next to the old bridge.

You're right! It's not there in the aerial imagery, which is what I usually look at. But it's visible in Google Earth if you turn on the time slider, because that usually gives you later, even if lower quality, imagery.

Funny, I drove The Old Road Sunday night, and didn't notice anything new. Of course, it was pitch dark...


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