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What beach would you use US 29 for if you don't mind me asking?

treichard, that may have been true in the past, but there's now a light where the left turn crosses southbound US 29.

OracleUsr, US 29 to MD 100 or MD 32 is a nice bypass of Baltimore.

Over the years it's gotten easier to get from Western PA to the Delmarva beaches.  I remember real early on (Pre I-97) using the Balt. Beltway and MD-2 to get to US-50/Bay Bridge, with all the traffic lights (Though I'm sure it's a lot worse in Glen Burnie these days.)  We also tried the DC Beltway a couple of years to compare.

US-29 to MD-100 or 32 (obviously MD-32 was used before MD-100 was finished) works out pretty well...  But it would be even nicer if Maryland would freeway MD-32 the rest of the way to I-70.

MD 32 moves pretty well for a two-laners between MD 108 and I-70, more so now that SHA has eliminated the signals at Burntwoods and Pfefferkorn Roads.

Baltimore Sun: Part of bridge needs replacing after beltway (I-695) crash

--- Quote ---Two beams on the southbound Interstate 95 bridge spanning the Baltimore Beltway will need to be replaced following Monday afternoon's crash involving an oversized piece of construction equipment.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Engineers conducted structural tests overnight and determined that two of three beams over the shoulder of the interstate were damaged by the arm of an excavator being hauled from a nearby construction site, said David Buck, spokesman for the State Highway Administration.
--- End quote ---


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