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Western Nevada state roads in November


I'll be traveling through a section of Western Nevada in early November.

Coming out of California onto NV 264 and then 360. Heading to Carson City via US 95 and Alt 95. Anyone traveled on NV 264 & Nv 360?

You thoughts & comments.

Max Rockatansky:
Likely CA 168 over Westgard Pass (partially single lane) will be the most interesting thing about getting to NV 264.  CA 266 has some odd charm but White Mountain Road to the Bristle Cone Forest is worth the detour.  Westgard Pass likely won’t get snow but it definitely is possible during November.

do you know if is needed to use Snow wheels? I can assume that by November and depending on how hight you go you could find quite a bit of snow. Thanks!

NV 264 is pretty nondescript.  It's a straight run up through the Fish Lake Valley and then over some low hills to the US 6 junction.  Nice views of the White Mountains to the west though.

After that short bit on US 6, NV 360 is mostly one big long downhill to US 95.  It's part of the truck detour route if US 395 has significant snow north of Bishop, but early November is still likely too early for that.  Snow anywhere out in Nevada in early November would not be likely either; if there were any, it would fall overnight, so just wait a couple hours after sunrise for it to melt off.

It's about 150 miles via that route from Big Pine, CA on US 395 to Hawthorne, NV, and I think the only gas on the route is at the general store in Dyer, NV on NV 264 (and sometimes it's not even open, or they don't have any gas).  So have enough when you leave Big Pine.

I'm not sure if the Wild Cat Brothel on US 95 in Mina is open or not.  Mound House, just east of Carson City on US 50, has several establishments with those services available, although the Kit Kat Ranch there just had a pretty severe fire.

Thanks, very informative. Appreciated.


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