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"Christmas-y" street names

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Here in Kansas City on this Thanksgiving night, the Plaza Lights have turned on, and Christmas season is thus underway. That inspired the subject of this post: namely, street names that remind me of Christmas!

I know that right here in my city, we have a street named Holly Street, and there's a Noel Street in the nearby suburb of Lee's Summit. As for elsewhere, the street names in the Christmas-themed towns of North Pole, Alaska and Santa Claus, Indiana of course come to mind, as do Mistletoe Avenue in San Antonio, Texas, and St. Nicholas Avenue in New York City.

Throughout the country, what other "Christmas-y" street names might there be, aside from the ones I just listed? Anyway, this seems like the perfect post to ring in the Christmas season!

Exit 88 on US 101 in Carpinteria, CA is Santa Claus Lane:

I think there used to be some Christmas-themed commercial development on Santa Claus Lane, but it's long gone.

Christmas Lake Road, Minnetonka, MN
Holly Lane, various
Jolly Lane, various

Max Rockatansky:
Reindeer Road, Jingle Road, Tinsel Avenue, Sled Road and Christmas Road in Christmas, Florida.

Christmas Ln, Frankenmuth, Michigan


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