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What roadtrips do you have planned for 2011?

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What roadtrips do you have planned for 2011?  Please share...

For me, besides the usual trips around New York State as well as neighboring states, I am planning a trip out to Oregon and possibly northern California during the summer of 2011, a trip to eastern Ontario and southern Quebec, a long weekend trip into northern new England, and hopefully a trip towards the Southeast.

I have several. In May, I am going to Ohio for a traffic signal collectors meet. In the summer, I'm doing my annual trek to New Hampshire, Maine, and Lake George, NY but also may go up to Montreal. Not sure if there is much of anything more, but if there are any road meets close to me, I can go to those.

Dr Frankenstein:
There's a possibility for Buffalo in March, and Rimouski, QC somewhere in the summer. And the occasional trip to New England for skiing.

I also plan to finish clinching the Qu├ębec autoroute system by 2012 (well, 98% thereof).

my San Felipe road trip will start today and end in 2011.

I am also considering a trip to St. Louis to clinch the last counties I need in the lower 48.

and a trip to Chile and Argentina to cross some 15000 foot passes across the Andes.

and a weeklong trip down to Cabo San Lucas.

and maybe Alaska in March for the northern lights.

and MLK day I might do the Big Bend area.

and that's not counting the trips I have not yet thought about!

I'm going to see if I can drive every mile of state highway in Arizona in one year- the majority of my roadgeeking budget will go to that.

Beyond that just some small trips to check out some of the parts of the continent I haven't spent much time in- so Southern California/New Mexico/West Texas/Southern Utah/Sonora

I'll almost certainly drive from Tucson back to Idaho and back at some point, and maybe the same with Wyoming.

If my finances take a turn for the better (I'm in poor graduate student mode now), I'm going to try to take some sort of US-90 -> US-43 -> US-412 trip


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