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What creative ideas to get into our pockets...AGAIN

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I am sure several of you have been watching the news as States and the Federal Government are wrangling with shortfalls in their budgets...

The latest Grand Idea now seems to be levying a tax on drivers per mile driven...requiring that devices be attached to cars so that mileages can be tracked and taxes levyed at some point...Oregon, Michigan, North Carolina,..even the new Secretary of Transportation is openly kicking around the idea

Leaving aside the Orwelliaa factor, i am not keen on this idea as between driving to my two jobs (on separate sides of Columbus) and my home, plus the biweekly visit to help my mother out, i could easily be shelling out money i cannot afford just to do necessary driving in my life...and what about vacations? 

Or am i being too revanchist on this one?

Hopefully, this os ONE cuckoo bird that wont come home to roost

Just great... Just great.


I did some more checking and while the Obama Administration has nixed any such tax, the the fact that it is being floated in the States is a very worrisome trend...

cant these guys learn to live within their means as we have to do?

The menacing power of greed hard at work :|

If they start doing that I will no longer register my automobile and will refuse to have any such GPS device installed based on principle or will move to a state that does not have this tax


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