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Do you already have plans for roadtrips in 2009?

I'm a little short on cash the next 1.5 years so no big overseas roadtrips, so it's gonna be somewhere in Europe.

I've travelled to Spain last summer (2,200 miles in 5 days) but I wanna see some mountains, so it's gonna be Switzerland and then head to France for some cross-country travel.

Just after the summer season, I am gonna do a roadtrip with a friend of mine to central Europe, like Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary. The roads are great there now, they have all been renovated years ago.

What are your plans?

This is a list for every month of our trips that we will take:
(Just so you know, we live in Thunder Bay, Ontario)

January - No planned trips.
February - South Padre Island, Texas
March - No planned trips.
April - Winnipeg, Manitoba
May - Duluth, Minnesota
June - Toronto, Ontario
July - Still in Toronto.
August - Fargo, North Dakota
September - No planned trips.
October - No planned trips.
November - No planned trips.
December - Toronto, Ontario

So most of them are short but the one to Texas will take us three days o get there, and the ones to Toronto take us 17 hours, and we drive. 


July 2009 - Washington, D.C. (2,000 miles of fun) :D

I don't have enough money this year... We usually drove somewhere about 10-13 hours away every summer. We've been to Salem, MA; Old Saybrook, CT; Charleston, SC; Savannah, GA; and St. Augustine, FL in recent years.

rawr apples:
March - Detroit to DC
Summer - Cross Country possibly

That's it for me probably

Maybe a few Portland - Seattles


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