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Title: Business US 71 NWA
Post by: US71 on May 16, 2022, 08:17:52 PM
I couldn't find this in the archives, but US71B (aka Business US 71) is being whittled away.  ARDOT is ceding sections back to their respective cities.

71B north of AR 12  in Bentonville is now simply Sam Walton Blvd

71B in Fayetteville has been "replaced" and is now College Ave, Archibald Yell Blvd and S School Ave.  Fayetteville is making some superficial changes including replacing some pf the Left Turn lane with plants.

I've not checked Bentonville in a few weeks, so I'm not sure what they have planned.

71B in Ft Smith has been tagged for elimination, but that's contingent on ADOT making drainage improvements first.
Title: Re: Business US 71 NWA
Post by: skluth on May 17, 2022, 02:04:49 PM
Discussion should be in Mid-South, not Central States.