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--- Quote from: vdeane on January 27, 2023, 09:42:42 PM ---Looks like this is the week for members of the state legislature to propose bills that are of interest to roadgeeks.

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Never going to happen. Someone in another thread posted something about a 75 mph bill that was proposed back in like 2016, and 6 years later it's still "in committee" (the 2nd out of like 5-6 steps in signing a bill into law). Probably wouldn't change the number of tickets either really as most cops likely already give you up to 80 mph in 65 zones, they'd probably keep the enforcement threshold at 80 even if it went up to 70.

^ I didn't want to get political, but given the party of the legislative members who proposed this bill (and the one for mile-based numbers on the Thruway) and the party that actually has power at the state level in NY, especially given that Hochul has called to pass Sammy's Law (20 mph speed limits in NYC) in this year's State of the State, I agree it's a long shot.

The fact that you now have traffic jams as far east as Exit 68, doesn't give me much confidence in seeing the speed limit raised anywhere on the Long Island Expressway.

Portions of the Thruway getting a raise, I can understand.


--- Quote from: MultiMillionMiler on January 30, 2023, 11:24:53 AM ---The thruway is curvier than the Long Island Expressway, so I-495 should be the first to get a speed limit raise. And as of now, I am not saying 75 mph (which it really should be), I am saying 65 mph just to match NYS's own speed limit law.

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Wait, what? The Thruway has very few curves and great sightlines throughout. I agree I-495 should be 65 mph at least, but not because it's straighter than the Thruway.

The Thruway is as straight as Illinois is flat.


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