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Work on the Champlain Parkway in Burlington  has begun.

Per the project website, the first of two contracts to build Vermont's first DDI was awarded earlier this week.  As mentioned upthread (this has been in development for years), the project will convert I-89 Exit 16 (US 2/US 7/Colchester) into a DDI and also includes improvements at nearby intersections along US 2/7.  The first contract involves utility work and retaining wall construction.  The bulk of the road work is planned for the second contract to be awarded later.  Project completion is expected in 2025.

Signage question- anyone know when the Essex town boundary signs are going to be converted to specify Essex Junction or Essex Town, and when Essex Town/Essex Junction boundary signage is going to be posted? (I'm also curious if the signs will say Essex Junction or Essex City.) I drive through Essex/Essex Junction a fair bit and have been looking out for them but haven't seen them yet.

^ As I understand it, the city's name is Essex Junction, so I would hazard a bet that's what the signs will say.

It is, but there are some governmental things that use "Essex City"- if I'm not mistaken, people from Essex Junction on the primary ballots this year had their home location listed as Essex City. I assume the signs will say Essex Junction, but that's why I'm curious if they'll use Essex City when the signs get erected.


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