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--- Quote from: LilianaUwU on December 04, 2022, 09:13:13 AM ---I couldn't find the thread about wrong way concurrencies, so I'm posting it here. QC 122 has a very short wrong way concurrency with QC 224, lasting only 300 feet:

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(The concurrency on Google Maps)

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  Here's the thread. You may have had trouble finding it because it's in Traffic Control, not General Highway Talk.


--- Quote from: gonealookin on October 04, 2022, 11:48:14 PM ---
--- Quote from: Quillz on October 04, 2022, 03:28:32 AM ---I’ve generally seen lower numbers get priority. But it’s by no means a consistent rule.

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Nevada follows this rule consistently, along with the Interstate > US route rule.

US 6 is mileposted all the way across the state.

US 50 is mileposted except for its concurrency with I-580 in Carson City and with US 6 east of Ely.

US 93 is mileposted except for its concurrencies with interstates in Clark County, with US 6 and 50 east of Ely and with US 50 in Ely.

Et cetera.  US 95 is arguably the most significant US route in the state but it has several milepost gaps.

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There is one semi-historical exception to this: The US 93/US 95 concurrency between Boulder City and downtown Las Vegas. Although there have not been too many actual mileposts present in the field as long as I can remember, what’s there have always followed the US 95 mileposting instead of US 93—all the current freeway exit numbers match with US 95 county mileposts. I’m guessing the thinking was US 95 being the through route at the Spaghetti Bowl (and I believe, but cannot confirm, that US 93 mileposts were retained on the old Boulder Highway route while the freeway was gradually constructed).

When I-515 was added along the US 93/95 overlap circa 1994-95, none of the existing mileposts or exit numbers along 93/95 overlap were changed in the field—although administratively, NDOT cataloged the route as I-515. It was only recently when the southern portion of I-515 was renumbered to I-11 (after the Boulder City Bypass opened) that the corresponding exit numbers were changed to reflect interstate mileposts instead of the US 95 mileposts—although I’m not sure if that segment actually got new mileposts installed or not. With the recent AASHTO approval to extend I-11 north through Vegas to SR 157, I expect at least the rest of what is currently I-515 to be renumbered to have exit numbers match I-11 within the next year or two.


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