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--- Quote from: ixnay on September 20, 2016, 07:52:56 AM ---Per Google Satellite, Beach Drive doesn't seem to have any beaches along it (or Rock Creek).  Where'd that road get its name?
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I believe Beach was a former (and early) superintendent of Rock Creek Park.


--- Quote ---Ground broken to rehabilitate GW Parkway; work will impact commutes
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--- Quote ---For the first time since the George Washington Parkway was completed 60 years ago, the scenic past-its-prime commuter route — combined-with-a-national park and trail system — is getting a major rehabilitation.
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--- Quote ---The project includes replacing the asphalt pavement and roadway drainage system, redesigning portions of the Virginia Route 123 interchange, repairing storm-water management systems and lengthening entrance and exit lanes at some interchanges.
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NPS considering reducing lanes on southern stretch of the GWMP.

I wonder what they have in mind (the documents are unclear). They've already narrowed it southbound for most of the distance between Belle Haven and a short distance north of Mount Vernon. There were some people complaining about that and wondering why northbound should have two lanes, to which the very reasonable answer was that northbound drivers may be turning left, but southbound drivers will seldom do so because the river means there aren't very many left turns southbound. I wonder whether they now plan to narrow the northbound side to one lane. (The more general complaint has been from people who don't like not being allowed to pass when driving southbound—a lot of people want to go a lot faster than the posted speed limit on that road. I'm mildly surprised we haven't heard reports of accidents due to people passing over the double yellow line, which I'm certain happens because I've seen it happen on various other area roads when someone is displeased that the driver ahead is obeying the speed limit.)


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