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My Arizona Roadgeek Website (AzNate's Roads Updates)

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Hello! I launched a roadgeek website a year ago, mostly related to roads in Arizona, but also featuring stuff from neighboring states occassionally. I was mostly inspired by the Arizona Roads website when I first came up with the idea of this, so my website provides a bunch of more up-to-date information regarding highways in Arizona as well as a series of pages dedicated to showcasing errors or other fails on signage. There is a special pages section on the site that I use for documenting button copy signs that I find throughout the country, as well as various roadgeek topic pages such as info about Arizona welcome signs, Arizona traffic signals, my license plate collection, a license plate generator, and images of progress on the Broadway Curve Project on I-10! I also have an image gallery to show off some of my pictures from places in Arizona and other surrounding states that I have visited.

If anyone is interested in seeing such a site, you can check it out here:

Max Rockatansky:
Noticed that Arizona Roads was listed as an inspiration, thatís what I used to read when I lived in the state also.  Good to see another directory site has emerged for Arizona. 

Nice to see another road web site. *Bookmarked*

Thanks for the kind words. I think I will also use this thread as an update log, so here are the big changes I made last night:

- Added a proper contact form
- Updated info on the welcome signs page about why US 191 has no welcome sign.
- Finally added Arizona gallery pages for AZ 264, AZ 277, AZ 377, US 64, US 160, and US 191.
- Added Utah gallery pages for US 191, UT 162, and UT 313.
- Added Colorado gallery pages for CO 41 and US 160.
- Added New Mexico gallery pages for I-25, I-40, NM 333, NM 466, US 64, US 64 Business, US 160, US 491, and US 550.
- Added random roads gallery pictures for Albuquerque, Farmington, and Santa Fe, NM.

Here are the latest major site updates since the last post I made:

* Updated info to reflect the SR 24 extension fully opening today, as well as added pictures of the new stretch of highway
* Added a picture of probably the last remaining inverted Loop 303 shields in the wild
* Added new pictures to the Loop 303 slideshow
* Updated info and imagery of the Arizona welcome signs on US 70, US 180, SR 264, SR 93X, and SR 95


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