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Road Triip to New Orleans and the Southeastern US


Just got back from a long road trip to New Orleans and other places in the south on the way there and back.

Part 1

Day 1: Boston-area to Winchester, VA

Mass Pike to I-84 into CT; I-91, CT Parkways into NY; NY Parkways, GW Bridge, NJ Turnpike, DE Memorial Bridge, John F. Kennedy Highway (I-95) toll roads to Baltimore; I-695; I-70W, US 340 through WV into VA to VA-7

Day 2: Winchester, VA to Bristol, VA

US 11 to New Market, US 211 east to US 340; US 33 to Skyline Drive’s Swift Run Gap Entrance Station. Followed Skyline Drive south to its terminus in Crozet.

US-250 W to I-64 W to I-81 south.

Day 3: Bristol, VA to Birmingham, AL

I-81 south to I-40 to Knoxville. Drove around the beltways (I-275, I-640) in the hope of seeing the city, but ended up back at I-40. Followed I-40 W and I-75 S, continuing on I-75 to Chattanooga. Continued on  I-24 west of Chattanooga to I-59 in Georgia/Alabama. Continued on I-59 to I-459 outside of Birmingham.

Day 4: Birmingham, AL to New Orleans

Drove around Birmingham on I-65, 20 and 459 before continuing on I-59/20 S into Mississippi. Continued on I-59 South into Louisiana and junction with I-10. Continued on I-10 over the Twin Span Bridge into New Orleans.


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