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Author Topic: D.C Sports Curse  (Read 2681 times)


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Re: D.C Sports Curse
« Reply #25 on: June 01, 2017, 01:04:56 PM »

Buffalo also has the NHL's Sabres.

Milwaukee hasn't seen a championship since the Bucks won the NBA title in 1972. The city hasn't seen a championship series since the Brewers made the World Series in 1982.

Now it can be argued that the Green Bay Packers are included in the Milwaukee market, as their flagship radio station is in Milwaukee, and the NFL considers Milwaukee as part of their home TV market, and the Packers are certainly the dominant NFL team in Milwaukee. If the Packers are included in the Milwaukee market, then you only have to go back to 2011 for the last time the Packers won the Super Bowl.
The Packers don't count for Milwaukee because they aren't a Milwaukee team they are Green Bay's team. I don't get what is there not to understand about that. So what if they are in the same state. Cleveland dosen't count for Cincinnati. Kansas City dosen't count for St Louis. Dallas doesn't count for Houston and so on. There may be lots of Packer fans in Milwaukee and a radio affiliate but so what there are Packer affiliates in the UP of Michigan Iowa and South Dakota as well as many Packer fans there. Now when the Packers once played some games in Milwaukee I guess you could kind of count them. But if they don't play in that city they can't be counted as belonging to that city regardless of fan base or radio affiliates.

IMO not only are the Packers both Green Bay and Milwaukee's team, they are the state of Wisconsin's team, as I have never met an NFL fan from that state that doesn't love Packers. Maybe just maybe there might be a few Wisconsin born Vikings fans close to the Twin Cities, but I doubt it. However there definitely aren't any Wisconsin born Bears fans as they've been god awful of late and if both I-41 and I-43 terminating right before the Illinois border is any implication, I'd say those two states don't like each other.
Don't mind david. I think he hates the Packers specifically because he's from Wisconsin.
The people of Milwaukee can cheer for the Packers all they want. They can support them if they so chose to do so. But in order for you to be a Milwaukee sports franchise you must play in Milwaukee to fit that criteria the Packers don't. It's worth mentioning that the Wave indoor soccer team has won mutlitible championships in the 90's and 00's so Milwaukee has seen championship games more recent then 82 and yes not 120 miles away but actually in the city itself. I just want to mention that a sports list on youtube that gave a list of cursed sports city also would not recognize the Packers as a Milwaukee team so others do agree with that. The Packers aren't even the closest team as the Bears are from the slightly closer Chicago.


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