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The Second Battle of New Orleans: A History of the Vieux Carre Riverfront Expres

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Also, regarding the book....if you are near Lafayette, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Dupre Library should have a copy in their Louisiana Room, too.


Hot Rod Hootenanny:

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--- Quote from: osu-lsu on June 02, 2009, 12:59:50 PM ---Speaking of Louisiana Road (insert favorite term to describe you) Meets...
The following will be held at the Old Governor's mansion in Baton Rouge, Thursday evening (6 PM)

The Foundation for Historical Louisiana (FHL) will host a Preservation Salon lecture featuring New Orleans attorney, author, and preservationist William E. Borah, co-author of “The Second Battle of New Orleans: A History of the Vieux Carre Riverfront Expressway Controversy” on Thursday, June 4, at the Old Governor’s Mansion in Baton Rouge.

As president of Smart Growth for Louisiana in the post-Katrina era, Borah drafted amendments to the Home Rule Charter requiring New Orleans to prepare a plan to guide future development that would have the force of law. Voters approved the Smart growth charter amendments on November 4, 2008. He received the “Distinguished Leadership Award for a Citizen Planner” from the American Planning Association, Louisiana Chapter, and has taught historic preservation, preservation law, and urban planning at the University of New Orleans.

Besides his advocacy work for the French Quarter, he has also been an advocate for balanced transportation in the inner city, protection of National Historic Districts, and Hope VI efforts in New Orleans.

The lecture begins at 6:30 p.m. with refreshments at 6 p.m., compliments of Calandro’s Fine Cellars and Wines. The lecture is free to FHL members and $10 for guest.

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This would be the same gentleman now calling for the Claiborne Elevated portion of I-10 to be leveled and replaced with a surface arterial, right?? And for I-610 to be replaced as the through route for I-10 through New Orleans, too??

Bad idea. Very bad idea.  And I'm usually a proponent of smart growth, except when they call for nonsense like this.


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Yeah, Bill Borah mentioned the "dismantling" of I-10 over Clairborne.  But what I thought was going to be a highway history lecture soon turned into a series of rants over the future of Charity Hospital in NOLA.  :-/

Urban Prairie Schooner:
There is a copy of this book at the Louisiana Collection, Earl K. Long Library at the University of New Orleans.


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