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Illogical control cities for the direction of long-distance travel

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Joliet has 2.
I-80 EB at I-355 for Rockford. One would have taken either 88 to 39 to Rockford or 80 to 39 to Rockford. By this point, you are about 100 miles from Rockford via 355, 290 and 90. This is an instance that I would not use any control other than maybe West Suburbs.
I-80 WB at I-55 for Chicago. This is not as bad but still.


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--- Quote from: jp the roadgeek on November 14, 2022, 01:53:41 AM ---The most ridiculous one I can think of is why I-90 East to I-84 West uses the same controls as I-90 West to I-84 West.  I'm fine with Hartford being a control for the movement, but no one in their right mind is going to NYC getting off heading eastbound on 90 when they're only 55 miles from Boston.  There were numerous previous opportunities to leave I-90 to go to NYC; some signed, some not.  Staying on the Ohio Turnpike and I-80; I-86 just east of Erie; staying on the mainline Thruway at Exit 24, and the exit to the Berkshire Spur westbound at the end of Free 90.  The exit should be either Sturbridge/Hartford, or just Hartford.

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A similar example that, like above, only came about because of recent sign replacements:

The PA Turnpike westbound at Breezewood now uses Baltimore to match eastbound, when it previously used Hancock MD (which I always thought made sense in that direction, given I-70's north-south orientation between Breezewood & Hancock).  I can't think of any scenario where long-distance traffic would exit the Turnpike westbound at Breezewood & ultimately head to Baltimore, as Harrisburg-area traffic would use I-83 & Philly-area traffic would use I-95.  And just out of curiosity to cover local traffic, when I dropped a pin on US 522 next to the Fort Littleton interchange and did directions to Baltimore it routed onto the Turnpike east to I-83.

Another interesting tidbit is that when the eastbound signage was replaced at the same time, Washington DC was dropped from the main signage & relegated to one auxiliary sign.

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At least Everett is kept.  Even here as there is no interchange for Everett at PA 26, so you have to use US 30 to reach.


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