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Today, the Birmingham Business Alliance released a 55-page document entitled "Blueprint Birmingham: A Growth Strategy For the Seven-County Region":

Only three roads are specifically mentioned (Action 12.1, page 30): assist with the timely and efficent completion of Interstate 22; maintain efforts to fund and develop the Northern Beltline as consistent with planning priorities regionally, statewide and nationally; aggressively pursue alternatives to mitigate traffic congestion on U.S. 280 through metro Birmingham.

Compared to seeking "aggressive" action on U.S. 280, it seems like a lukewarm endorsement for efforts re Northern Beltline.

Page 32 of Adobe Reader and page 30 of the document itself for those having trouble finding it.

I think the lukewarm Northern Beltline endorsement is due to the fact that it is sooo far off from happening. However, I think anything being done to 280 has little chance of occurring either.

I-65 to be rebuilt in Hoover:

Birmingham-bound drivers encouraged to take I-459 to avoid detour from I-20/59 N paving

--- Quote ---BESSEMER, Alabama -- About 50,000 vehicles each day pass through Interstate 20/59 north between the Academy Drive and 19th Street exits in Bessemer, according to the Alabama Department of Transportation.

But with all the northbound lanes closed -- likely through the end of April -- for a $9.5 million repaving project, drivers are having to find alternate routes.

ALDOT is asking local traffic to exit I-20/59 N. at exit 108, Academy Drive, and take the Bessemer Superhighway to 19th Street and get back on at exit 112.

Drivers going through to Birmingham are encouraged to instead use I-459. "That will save them a whole lot of time," said Deputy Chief Mike Roper of the Bessemer Police Department.

Roper on Tuesday said the influx of additional drivers on the Superhighway has not caused too many problems.

On Monday, the first day of the 30-day project, police worked about three or four wrecks, Roper said. As of this afternoon, the department had handled one wreck.

After the northbound work is done, the southbound lanes will be shut down for up to 35 days, said ALDOT spokeswoman Linda Crockett.

The entire project is expected to be complete by early this summer.
--- End quote ---

That section of the road is in hideous shape, but if they're going to shut the entire highway down for any length of time, they ought to just widen it while they're there.  The widening is coming soon enough anyway, so they're just going to have to repave it again in a couple of years.


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