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NOLA gets grant to study possible teardown of I-10 over Claiborne

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It looks like the biggest immediate threat to Salt Lake City is the very real possibility of the Great Salt Lake drying up and turning into a source of toxic dust clouds laced with arsenic, antimony, heavy metals, etc. A bunch of this stuff is covered up with a hard crust of earth in already dried areas of the lake. But as the wind erodes that crust a lot of the really nasty toxins will get exposed and swept into the air.

--- Quote from: US 89 ---With New Orleans, the flooding and sinking threat is well known and well understood.
--- End quote ---

It is true the reasons why New Orleans is slowly sinking are well known. The same goes for the eroding coastline. Yet the problem is being largely ignored.

The situation is kind of similar to the shit-show going on out West with all the states fighting over Colorado River water. IMHO, lawmakers in California are being ignorant dicks with how they're approaching the situation -basically expecting AZ, NV, UT, CO and NM to make all the sacrifices. And that's all while CA has other sources of water besides the Colorado River. It could be entertaining on a macabre level seeing what happens if Lake Mead and Lake Powell drop to dead pool levels. California lawmakers keep whipping out some piece of paper written in the 1800's as a trump card, but how much is that going to be worth if the damned river runs dry?


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