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--- Quote from: hobsini2 on February 18, 2023, 11:33:12 AM ---What the traffic counts say to me is that people are using 794 for heading to Maier Park and the Museum Campus on Lincoln Memorial and maybe even the Deer District (vs Kilbourn). Personally, I have used 794 more as an entrance into and exit out of the Marquette than going over to the Hoan Bridge.

But that being said, I would still like at least a Parkway between the Marquette and Hoan.

--- End quote ---

This has me curious... right now, you can't access the tunnel to Kilbourn Avenue from I-43 northbound; you can only get to it when going from I-94 eastbound to I-43 north on the ramp. Do you think maybe part of the traffic concerns of replacing the elevated freeway with a parkway could be addressed if they also added access to this ramp from I-43 north?


Goddam John Q Norquist has a "son".  Here's the next NUMTOT of Milwaukee


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