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How do you get the URL of a particular place on Google Street View?

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--- Quote from: CNGL-Leudimin on July 09, 2013, 10:06:06 AM ---otherwise Google Maps will always display in Spanish
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No te preocupes, vato,,,  :sombrero:

Something else worth addressing here: if you are using a foreign mirror of Google maps (,, etc.), your link will result in a redirect to the Google homepage for American viewers. This is easily addressed on our end if the long URL link is used: you just have to modify the link slightly to go to the domain and follow the US format. 

However, if as a foreign user you choose the short URL option, you create considerable problems for us because your short link will redirect to the foreign long link, which will in turn will then quickly redirect to home. When confronted with this the only way for me to get the link to work is to quickly highlight and copy the long link in the second it shows up in my URL bar between redirects, and then paste it back and modify it appropriately. This usually takes me several attempts to pull off successfully and I consider myself quick. People who didn't grow up playing video games will probably have even more trouble with it.

So, please: if you are located in a country other than the US, do not use the short link option!

(I don't know if the same problem is true of US links in other countries - anyone located elsewhere care to confirm?)

In my case, I have opened Google Maps links pointing to .ch, .it, .si, etc mirrors and didn't redirect to homepage. So that problem doesn't exist in Spain, apparently.


--- Quote from: kphoger on July 09, 2013, 06:47:16 PM ---No te preocupes, vato,,,  :sombrero:

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is vato even Spanish slang?  I thought it was just northern Mexico.

Nope. I didn't knew it until kphoger used that word.


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