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US 35 ends at I-64. What's the fuss?

That two-lane section between Buffalo and Henderson that hasn't been replaced/bypassed yet.

SP Cook:
The 12 mile gap in 35 is a deathroad.  The issue is that WV saw this coming for decades and did nothing.  If you look at a map of Ohio, you see that three four lane routes eventually funnel into Point Pleasant, and end up on the 2 lane of 35, going down to 64 and then south on 77.  Plus you have the issue of the massive Toyota plant, served by the road.  Anyone could see this coming as the various roads in Ohio were completed in the 90s and the traffic volumes grew and grew. 

Meanwhile the state government fiddled.  Building, under one governor from Fairmont, a total rebuild of that dying town's interstate access; and now under another from Logan, a four lane to absolutely nowhere from one dying town in Logan county to the next.  Plus Corridor H, which, while important, will never have the traffic volumes of 35. 

So tons of tourists and tons of trucks end up on a rural 12 road designed for local traffic only, and used by farmers on tractors.    Massive numbers of accidents.

When the turnpike tolls were (illegally) continued on the paid off turnpike back in the 80s, the local state senator (then a very powerful pol) was told that the excess would be spent on 35 (of course, they instead did all of the things outlined in the devastating Legislative Auditor's report of that corrupt agency).  Then a few years ago there was a crazy (and probably illegal) idea to finish the 12 miles and toll the whole 40 miles (which would place a toll on a road build from general gas tax money) which almost went through, until the turnpike's $150K/year manager overplayed his cards and announced the toll, which was ridiculously high.  Toyota killed that one by itself.

The answer is, of course, to simply build the road.   Free, and with the regular gas tax money currently used on other, far less important projects.



--- Quote from: SP Cook on October 22, 2013, 07:27:51 AM ---If you look at a map of Ohio, you see that three four lane routes eventually funnel into Point Pleasant,

--- End quote ---
You're right:

Oopsie, I made a strawman. US 33 feeds into I-77 and Corridor D feeds into Corridor D. And it's not like Corridor D empties a bunch of traffic onto US 35 at Jackson; on the contrary, there's more traffic on US 35 northwest of Jackson than on the part leading up to the bridge in either state. (The bridge itself has more, but that's expected because bridges are choke points.)


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