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I thought I should stick to the geographic rules of AA roads. I will go over the major projects South of I 72 in the new Capital Plan.
I 57 More 6 lanes between 24 and 64.
Lebanon bypass . This is a 3 miles bypass that better connects US 50 to I 64.
There were 4 lane studies of 51 and 50 both of those have vanished.
Be interesting to find out more.
A 4 lane and Pickneyville bypass also disappeared. Instead there is thru town reconstruction of that road. There is another study of that corridor by a legislative mandate called the southwest corridor.
There is one expansion project that continues past this current plan. That is US 67 from Jerseyville to the existing expressway. A little over half the remainder will be done while land will be acquired for the rest.
There are a lot of reconstruction and resurfacing and new bridges like 270 over the Mississippi.


Mayor of Murphysboro posted on fb the other day that he is on the Task Force for the Southwest Illinois Connector, trying to get some kind of rural expressway from Murphysboro to Columbia/roughly an upgrade for IL 127-IL 3

In the Capital Bill project list, more 6 Laning of IL 13 near Crab Orchard Lake is included, getting closer to 6 Lanes fully between Carbondale and Marion

I was surprised IDOT  didn't include that first segment. The 50 and 51 studies never got that far. There was not much support for 51 during the EIS.


--- Quote from: 3467 on October 26, 2019, 06:29:56 PM ---I was surprised IDOT  didn't include that first segment. The 50 and 51 studies never got that far. There was not much support for 51 during the EIS.

--- End quote ---

Did you say the Lebanon Bypass did or did not make the cut for the capital plan?

The US-51 hearings for the Ramsey to Vandalia (south of town) route was total foobar, so I am not surprised it got dropped.

*Everyone* wants a 4 lane activity, Vandalia just doesn't like what it takes, so IDOT was making all sort of of compromises and re-routes that made it functionally worthless.

So what you got was a "plan" that no one liked.  IDOT last showed a west bypass of the city that has US-51 as a full interchange with co-signage on I-70 as far as original US-51 North.  But people didnt like the property acquisition requirements to rehab that exit.

IDOT really wanted to do a bypass on the east side of the Kaskaskia River, and technically it makes the most sense since it is mostly a flood zone.  But the locals complained that it would simply allow traffic to bypass town completely and no one would ever "see" it. Well, isn't that what a bypass is?

You don't want property to go, so no urban elevation.

You don't want property to go, so no west bypass.

You don't want people to drive past you, so no east bypass.

So, no road at all.

Yes Lebanon bypass is there and fully funded. Only 67 hints of further new construction because the land acquisition is funded to Jerseyville.
I remember that about 51 . IDOT  outright cancelled the 30 project for the same reason.
They just did their passive aggressive thing here with 51.
Now the section between Olney and Illinois 1 on 50 vanished too. Do you know why that was?


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